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I am happy to create free printables for my fellow planner girls, but I do want to offer up a few guidelines:

  1. All images are ©MissWrite.net unless otherwise noted
  2. You are free to use any of the free printables for your own personal use. This may include printing them to use in your planner, journal or scrapbooking projects, greeting cards, personal gifts, or any other crafty endeavours as you see fit
  3. You may not reproduce, repurpose, resell, or redistribute any of these images as either:
    1. Digital Downloadable images, whether free or for sale (this includes delivery via email, collage sheets, downloadable images or image libraries on CDs free or for resale)
    2. A freebie or resalebale product on your or any other website
    3. As clip art in any form
  4.  If you wish to share a link to any of my free downloadable flies, please link back to either:
    1. The original blog post
    2. My website, http://www.misswrite.net

Having said all that, if you do download my files to use in your craft projects, feel free to share! Link back to me, or tag me so I can see how you used it!

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