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It’s Time To Get Emotional

Just because you mainline a little fear, joy, anger, love or sorrow does not mean you are weak.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing: Gluttony

I will gladly gobble up anything that’s good to read. The bookstore? My gourmet indulgence. The library? My all-you-can-eat buffet.


Embrace Your Voice

I have a philosophy that everything you write should be infused with your voice. Blogs, articles, emails, stories – don’t be afraid to let your words become steeped with your cadence and enlivened by the pulse of your very spirit. After all, if there is nothing new under the sun, how are you going to…


The Magic of Writing

Any writer as in love with the craft as I am will attest to that magical feeling of picking up our pens and spilling our imaginations onto the page. It's about more than just the words. There’s something transcendent about summoning an entirely made-up world from scratch. From dreaming up the blueprint of a world;…


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