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NEW to the shop – ECLP Writing trackers

I added 2 new Writing Tracker kits to the Etsy shop for Erin Condren Life Planner girls! Available in both Tan & Teal as well as Blue & Kelly Green! Get them now – and don’t forget to use the DISCOUNT CODE good for the rest of the day! I’ll be adding the stickers for…

Get the Scoop on SWEET DISCOUNTS!

So, you’re a smart cookie, right? You like to be in the know when it comes to sweet savings and super sales, correct? Well, if you want a little inside scoop, Miss Write can help! I started an announcement list specifically to send special sneak peeks and sweet savings directly to your inbox! All you…

Surviving (and Using) the Scrutiny of Critics

When it comes to reader reviews, some are good, some are bad, and some are downright ugly.

FInd out how to take those reviews, even the less-than-stellar ones, and use them to improve your skills

How Fine-Tuning Can Make Your Manuscript ROCK!

We all know you can really rock your writing when you put your mind to it. But that doesn’t mean every story you pen comes out as solid gold in the first draft. Want to make sure everything you write tops the charts (or at least doesn’t get tossed out like a bad pair of…

Tips to Track Those WIPS

If 2013 is the year you want to make a mark with your writing, or you just need a way to track your writing prowess any day of the year, check out these trackers…then start writing!

How To Woo Your Muse

Take some time to woo your Muse.

Fan the flames with a little playfulness and perseverance and you can easily rekindle your relationship with your writing

Channel Your Inner Magpie on Pinterest

Pinterest is for tech savvy magpies distracted by the bright and shiny, unabashedly pinning, saving and stockpiling their coolest finds.

Afraid of another time-sucking distraction? All you have to do is infuse a little order into this newest of online obsessions, and you too can use Pinterest to create, inspire, and network with other writers and readers.

Prepare Yourself For Combat, Baby!

Remember when I told you to Stop Saying It Sucks? You didn’t listen to me, did you? Ok, sure. You batted your eyelashes and placated me for a while. But slowly, you’ve allowed that nasty little habit of trash talkin’ your writerly self-worth to rear its ugly head. Well, what better time than the start…

Writing Your Novel Series: Scene Genie

Writing a book is about more than that first brilliant spark of inspiration. It takes some planning, preparation and aplomb aplenty!

You better get your head out of the clouds and sharpen your pencils, because planning that novel is going to take some skillz.

But don’t worry. I know you’ve got the skillz to pay the billz

You Say You Want A (Writing) Resolution

Is your idea of a good workout spinning in your office chair? No wonder your butt is the size of Texas.

But baby, it’s okay that you got back, because we’re not talking calisthenics here. We’re talking about cracking your knuckles and flexing your writing muscles, and the best way to do that? A few writing exercises.

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