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Channel your inner rebel with a reverse outline

What’s your outlining style? Are you a traditionalist who uses a one-sheet outline? Or are you more of a rebel who might try a Reverse Outline or Re-Outline?

Write Like a Rock Star With New Airwriting Glove

I already know that writers are rock stars. It’s about time there’s a potential gadget out there to to let us each channel our inner Jimmy Page

Office Supply Hacks for Authors

Looking for a cool new way to outline? All it takes is a few simple tools from your friendly neighborhood office supply store!

Tips, tricks and the tools you’ll need

Writin’ Round-Up – Creatively Productive Edition

Check out this week’s gum-snappin’, leg-slappin’ gatherin’ of my favorite finds from around the web.

Writin’ Round-Up: Pimpin’, Prompts & Prods

Here’s a heap of writin’ links for my favorite word wranglers!

Writin’ Round-up #1

Welcome to Writin’ Round-Up, a new weekly segment from your favourite Word Wrangler. These are some of my favorite links from around the web.

So, dust off your mouse-clicker, hitch up your britches and get ready for a rootin’ tootin’ round-up!

Creative Ways To Crash & Burn

Know what I just don’t get?

Those writers who, upon completing and sending off a manuscript, get right back on the horse and begin another.

Talk about freaks of nature!

Being a Writer is Like…..Playing Whack-a-Mole

I loved Whack-a-Mole long before one could clobber critters in Frontierville.

Am I so overly maniacal that the only way to exorcise my inner demons is to club a robotic groundhog with a rubber mallet?

We Are All Drunks!

Didn’t you know? We're all drunks here! Every writer that has ever crossed your path is an alcoholic. Our search for the perfect writing desk is really under the guise of finding one with deep-enough desk-drawers to stash our amber-hued bottles of bourbon. When you’re at work, we high-tail it to our local used bookstore…

You Say Writer’s Block, I Say Bull$#!t

So, you've got writer's block? Bullshit! Now, I'm not going to say I've never been stuck for an idea, or that I don't sometimes pound my forehead against the desk when the "write" words won't come. But it's time to start looking at writer's block as a myth. Why give those thoughts of indecision or…

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