Free Download – Column Headers

TODAY-TODO-NOTES-washiI’ve found some great free printable sticker designs online but one thing irked me – trying to cover up those column headers and having to cut out each. Individual. Strip. Of. Paper.

ARGH! And maybe it’s the OCD in me but trying to line them up so you can’t tell they’re all separate stickers was just a pain!

So I made this sheet of headers that are designed as one individual strip for each section…no more cutting out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday headers separately then getting glue all over your fingers or trying to stick/remove/stick again so they all line up.


There are individual strips for each day, and for each time slot. HOORAY!


P.S. if you would like different color options, feel free to leave me a note in the Comments section and I’ll be happy to help!

Header Washi Strips

Do you want to cover up the “morning, afternoon and evening” headers in your Happy Planner but don’t want to have to cut out each sticker individually? These “washi strips” are the solution!

Designed as a single sticker, you can print out and stick these directly into your planner as one individual sticker. There is one strip for both the Mon/Tues/Wed and Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun headers for all three times of the day. No more fussing or trying to line up those tiny stickers – now you can do it all in one fell swoop!TODAY-TODO-NOTES-washi

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